Trump promises to make adopting children a top priority in 2nd term

May 23, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

During President Donald Trump's first term, he took a number of pro-life actions, specifically endorsing adoption in a number of ways.

He signed the Child Welfare Executive Order, and a report in The Hill outlined how it was to strengthen foster care and adoption programs.

The White House said, then, "Among other changes, the order seeks to increase partnerships between public, private, faith-based, and community organizations to help keep families together and, when that is not possible, to find children forever families."

At one point, Trump's advocacy for adoption included calling a 4-year-old adopted child, Katherine, and her parents up to a podium where he was speaking to encourage them.

Then, of course, Trump's appointees to the Supreme Court paved the way for the demise of the faulty Roe v. Wade precedent that for years had allowed millions of unborn to be killed in America.

The reversal did not outlaw abortion, but it did return to states the authority to regulate the nation's highly profitable abortion industry with limits.

Now, in a new interview, Trump has promised that if elected, he'll do even more for adoption.

"I think it's very important that if I win, and I hope I'm going to win, we're winning by a lot right now, we'll be pressing the adoption option," Trump said in an interview with "Just the News, No Noise" television show.

The 45th president called into the program from his Mar-a-Lago office and discussed issues including the border and Joe Biden's scheme to open it for millions of illegal aliens, the report from Special Counsel John Durham that exonerated Trump of Democrat claims about Russian collusion in 2016, and Biden's agenda to weaponize the government against conservatives and Christians.

And, as he has many times before, he cited the failures of the news media.

"But he spent a good deal of time describing his thinking on abortion in the post-Roe era, in which some red states are drastically reducing access to abortion, such as in Florida where Gov, Ron DeSantis signed a bill outlawing most abortions after six weeks," Just the News revealed.

Trump confirmed he opposes abortion, but thinks women who are victims of rape or incest should have an abortion option.

"I'm a person who feels that the exceptions are very important for a lot of reasons. But they're also important from the standpoint of an election,” he said. "...If you don't have the exceptions, it's very, very hard. I think that's been proven. It's very, very hard to win an election.

"Now, I don't say you do it for that. You do it for other reasons, moral reasons," he said, Just the News reported. "You do it for what you really believe. But it still is a very, very difficult thing to overcome, I would say from the standpoint of an election."

He did note the three justices he appointed agreed to overturn Roe.

"What it really did is it gave pro-life people the right to negotiate and a tremendous power to negotiate. Before they had no chance of doing anything. You could kill a baby after nine months in the womb, you could kill a baby after birth. Before they (pro-life activists) had no power in negotiation. Now, the pro-life group actually has the upper hand, and they can negotiate something that will be very fair, and very good," he said.

He said if elected, he would work to create incentives such as tax breaks.

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