Trump promises Kavanaugh will be a ‘truly great’ justice on the Supreme Court

President Donald Trump has gone along with the sham investigation of Brett Kavanaugh — but do not mistake that as wavering support.

Trump sent out a tweet on Saturday saying Kavanaugh will be “a truly great Justice of The United States Supreme Court” not long after ordering the supplemental FBI investigation.

Take a look:

Flake Folds

The Kavanaugh vote was set to move forward until Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was ambushed in an elevator.

Some liberal activists trapped him like a rat in a corner until he looked like he was ready to cry.

Flake fell for their games, and while voting Kavanaugh through, he also stated he would not confirm him unless an additional investigation was held.

The Dems now have an additional full week to find more people willing to throw slanderous allegations against Kavanaugh.

Meaningless Investigation

Nobody is really sure what purpose the additional investigation is going to serve.

Every party named by Ford has already testified that they do not recall the party she describes.

They have all also already given statements under the penalty of perjury, which they will give again when interviewed by the FBI.

All this really does is give liberals more time to mobilize their efforts to riot if (and when) Kavanaugh is confirmed.

And, make no mistake about it, there will be rioting once this goes through.

It doesn’t matter if the FBI dismissed Ford’s allegations, because Dems have convicted Kavanaugh without a shred of evidence.

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All they are really looking for is another excuse to tear this country apart.

And on Friday, they are probably going to get it.

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