Trump promises he'd 'rip up' WHO takeover deal

 May 29, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

President Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden of negotiating away the rights of Americans, and has promised he'd "rip up" a scheme by the World Health Organization to take over health care decision-making during a pandemic.

report originally from The Washington Stand explains Trump's promise is to protect American sovereignty and fight "global bureaucrats."

He said he'd shred the WHO "Pandemic Agreement" should Joe Biden pursue it, and ultimately not submit it to the Senate for ratification as the Constitution requires for treaties.

"As we speak, Joe Biden’s minions are in Geneva, secretly negotiating to surrender more of our liberty to the World Health Organization," Trump said during a speech at the Libertarian National Convention. "Drafts of the agreement show that they want to subjugate America to foreign nations, attack free speech, [and] empower the World Health Organization to redistribute American resources."

The WHO plans would limit national sovereignty by requiring nations to follows its orders on "immunization" as well as "social measures," meaning a WHO bureaucrat could demand social separation, even mandatory isolations – think detention camps – during a pandemic.

It also would redistribute supplies needed to fight a pandemic as it wished.

WHO's plan would demand compliance even if a nation withdrew.

"They’re going to take our money and send it all over the world to other countries that we need for our own citizens," in the event of a pandemic, Trump said.

"I will protect American sovereignty from the creeping hands of global government," he said. "I am hereby demanding that Joe Biden submit these monstrosities to the Senate as treaties. If he does not, I will rip them up and throw them out on Day One of the Trump administration."

So far, all 49 Republican senators have opposed the Biden plan, as have long lists of governors and other officials.

The WHO plan actually is in disarray right now, although opponents warn it could return, because the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body failed to finalize its text heading into this week's WHO meetings.

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