Donald Trump praises wife Melania in public return after surgery

The media has been hounding Melania Trump about appearing in pubic, so she and the President just put them all to shame.

During Trump’s recent FEMA meeting, both he and the First Lady were present, with Trump declaring, “the people of our country love you.”

Standing by Our First Lady

Conservatives in this country has been defending Melania Trump from virtually day one.

Liberals have constantly fired attacks at her over her role as a mother and as our First Lady.

In addition to that, they have tried to use her past modeling career as some sort of weapon against her.

This is a truly unique White House.

We have a president with no previous political experience and a former supermodel as the First Lady.

Simply put, the media just doesn’t know how to handle it.

When it comes to Melania, she has not craved headlines like her predecessor, and they don’t like it one bit.

However, while she may not like getting in front of the camera any longer, she IS doing everything we expect from a First Lady.

Trump Defending Melania

We are not the only ones sticking up for our First Lady, either.

President Trump has seemingly reached his breaking point when it comes to the attacks against his wife.

After several publications ran with their version of “Where’s Melania?,” the President fired off a few shots of his own…

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Whether the press likes it or not, this President and this First Lady are going to do things their way.

And we are okay with that, especially if it upsets these liberal hacks.

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