President Trump pounds Ralph Northam over racist yearbook photo amid calls for the governor’s resignation

If you were wondering how long it would take Trump to rip into the embattled Virginia governor, rest easy, because the wait is finally over.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump blew up Twitter with a pair of tweets to address the Ralph Northam yearbook photo controversy:

Trump is Right

Trump made several valid points in his tweets. First, he rightly asked the question that so many have been wondering over the last several days: how did Ed Gillespie’s team miss these photos?

Gillespie ran against Northam for the governorship of Virginia in 2017, and Northam’s camp constantly pulled the race card throughout their campaigns.

The now-governor insinuated that Gillespie was racist himself, prompting many Democrats (like Sen. Kamala Harris) to laud Northam’s 2017 victory as a defeat of bigotry and racism.

Little did they know about this yearbook photo.

If Gillespie’s team had discovered the photos prior to the election, it would have all but ended Northam’s political career. Indeed, Trump is absolutely right in saying that Gillespie must be absolutely furious that his staff was unable to uncover this information.

Still in Denial

Meanwhile, Northam is in 100 percent damage control over the pictures right now — and he’s getting nitpicky.

According to reports, Northam said he was informed that some of the pictures on the yearbook pages were mixed up when the book was laid out. Point being: there is a chance (albeit, small) that neither the man in the KKK garb nor the man in blackface is Northam.

Northam even said he would pay for facial recognition software to prove is not him in the photograph.

But Northam made matters worse for himself on Saturday when he admitted he used blackface in another costume when he dressed up like Michael Jackson for a contest.

To this point, Northam has refused to step down from his office, but with public pressure continuing to stack up against him, a resignation may not be so far off.

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