‘We’ll do one soon’: Trump confirms plan to bring back campaign rallies

Since leaving office, former President Donald Trump has remained active in the political realm while maintaining a notably lower profile than during his years in the White House.

This week, however, he surprised fans and critics alike by announcing his plan to revive his famous campaign-style rallies.

“They love the rallies”

According to reports, a source close to Trump hinted that the first of these events could come as soon as next month. Although the former president has weighed in on current events through a series of press releases, few pundits had been predicting that he would return to hosting rallies so soon.

As when he was president, progressives in politics and the mainstream media are sure to harshly criticize both Trump and the rallies as he continues to hold significant influence within the GOP.

Trump spent the early months of the Biden administration in Florida, but he confirmed during a recent interview with Dan Bongino that he is planning a return to the political scene.

“We’ll do one soon,” he said on Wednesday. “They love the rallies.”

It remains to be seen where the first rallies will be held, but a return of events that drew thousands of attendees during the 2016 election cycle and the years the followed will likely be of great interest to news outlets across the ideological spectrum.

Speculation swirls

Since he is not directly campaigning for elected office, the tone is expected to be somewhat different than in the past.

Early rallies could be set for areas where a large turnout is expected to generate media buzz. From there, he would be able to branch out into battleground states and regions to directly share his agenda with supporters.

With midterm elections approaching next year, the stakes for both parties are high. Republicans are fighting to regain control in the House and Senate, with Trump positioning himself to play a major role through his endorsement of candidates.

Of course, Trump’s plan could end up be a more long-term strategy than it appears to be on the surface. His return to the campaign trail is possibly an effort to lay the groundwork for a 2024 White House bid.

Some rumors have already begun to circulate that Trump might run for a second term in the next presidential cycle with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as his running mate. In any case, those who have missed his rallies now appear to have a new reason for excitement.

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