Report: Trump privately said that he has picked a Supreme Court nominee

President Trump promised us he would have a name to submit for the Supreme Court open seat by Monday.

However, it looks like Trump has already made up his mind, with several unnamed sources saying the President is leaning towards D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Decision is Coming

Last week, Justice Kennedy finally announced he would be stepping down at the end of this term.

The moment the announcement was made, pundits tried to figure out who Trump would pick to take his place.

Would he go with a hardline conservative judge? Or someone that is a bit more middle-of-the-road to pacify the Democrats?

Although names like Trey Gowdy were circulated, the President appeared to be focusing on two specific candidates.

Top Candidates

Judge Kavanaugh appeared to be the front-runner, but Judge Amy Coney Barrett was believed to be a close second.

Judge Coney Barrett was actually appointed to the bench in November by Trump.

She is someone Trump’s base can get behind, as she is a no-nonsense conservative.

Since she was just confirmed in November, many believe it would very hard for the Senate to offer any type of pushback against her now.

Judge Kavanaugh’s days are rooted in the George W. Bush presidency.

His nomination to the bench was held up for several years, with Democrats and Republicans going back and forth until he was finally approved.

Prior to taking his seat, he was serving Bush as his staff secretary, a position he held for three years while awaiting his bench confirmation.

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While Kavanaugh has not officially commented on Roe v. Wade, he has led pundits to believe he will not work to overturn the decision, something that would appease Democrats, since they are emphatic they do not want an ideologue appointed.

All things considered, Kavanaugh would appear to be the “safe” choice for President Trump.

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