Trump says Pelosi hasn’t sent impeachment articles to Senate because she ‘has no case’

Addressing a crowd of conservative college students on Saturday, President Donald Trump suggested that Democrats’ impeachment case against him is collapsing. Trump asserted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) hasn’t sent the articles of impeachment passed by the House Wednesday to the Senate yet because she “has no case,” the Daily Mail¬†reports.

The Senate cannot act until the House appoints managers to present the case to the Senate and formally sends the articles to them for consideration. But Pelosi knows the Senate will likely vote to acquit Trump, which will allow him to claim a victory in the matter.

For his part, Trump called the impeachment vote “unfair” and blasted Pelosi as “crazy” during his Saturday speech, which resembled a campaign rally with cheers and standing ovations.

“Their own lawyer said there was no impeachment,” Trump said, pointing to Noah Feldman’s recent Bloomberg article that noted if Pelosi doesn’t send the articles to the Senate, Trump was never really impeached.

A partisan impeachment

Trump’s impeachment has strengthened the partisan divide on Capitol Hill. Trump pointed out Saturday that the articles against him passed without bipartisan support; only Democrats voted in favor — no Republicans did — while three Dems actually voted with the GOP.

“We had three Democrats coming to our side, so we have to call it a bipartisan vote,” Trump said. “Hey, they had no Republicans on their side.”

Trump also pointed out that the articles didn’t cite any actual crimes. Instead, the Dems alleged the more nebulous “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.”

“How do you impeach when there is no crime?” Trump asked the crowd Saturday. “They call themselves Democrats, but they don’t really believe in democracy.”

Trump was introduced at the Turning Point USA event by radio personality Rush Limbaugh, according to the Daily Mail.

A popular president

The president has gotten a popularity bump from impeachment, with more American voters telling pollsters as of late that they don’t like the way the Dems are handling it and feel it is a partisan exercise.

Indeed, Trump has gone from trailing the top Democrat presidential candidates to leading all of them in hypothetical 2020 matchups in recent weeks.

Still, there are more than 10 months until the election, and many things can happen between now and then to change the political landscape and give Democrats momentum. Only time will tell how November 2020 plays out.

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