Parents pull 11-year-old Joshua Trump out of school after he was bullied, hazed for his last name

How bad are things when an 11-year-old boy cannot even go to school simply because of his name?

That is the case for Joshua Trump, who has been hazed and bullied so much that his parents removed him from school and are now contemplating a name change.

The Tolerant Left

Joshua Trump is no relation whatsoever to President Donald Trump.

That has not helped his case, though.

Children of liberals saw his name, and it was all they needed to start giving the boy a hard time.

Ever since Trump started his quest for the presidency, Joshua has been bullied in school.

Things got so bad that his mother and father decided to pull him out of school and homeschool him until he moves on to the next level of schooling.

When it was time for him to go to middle school, his parents figured it would be safe to send him back to school again, but they were wrong.

The bullying got worse, to the point that Joshua now hates everything about himself and his name.

In an effort to make his life easier, his parents are now changing his last name and transferring him to another new school.

Ridiculous Behavior

School staff is supposed to protect children, but Joshua faced catcalls from bullies who called him “idiot” and “stupid,” among other things.

The problems were not exactly a secret, but the school did very little to protect him.

School authorities said several children were disciplined, but it was obviously not harsh enough to prevent them from continuing their quest against this boy just because of his last name.

Joshua is not alone, either, as similar problems have been reported about Trump-supporting children around the country.

It used to be patriotic to support your president, but now it is almost a crime to come out publicly and say you support President Trump — or even to share his relatively common last name.

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We’ve seen yet again that liberal ideology is all about tolerance — as long as you agree with everything they say.

When you don’t, you will face their wrath until they break you, even if you are an innocent 11-year-old boy.

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