Trump orders GOP lawmakers to investigate new reports about FBI

President Donald Trump requested Republican lawmakers to start investigating claims made in several recent explosive reports regarding the FBI and the Russian collusion investigation.

Among those reports was the bombshell revelation that a suspected Russian spy was the primary sub-source behind Christopher Steele’s infamous Trump-Russia dossier, which the FBI used as justification for FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.

At his rally in Atlanta on Friday, the Washington Times reported that President Trump specifically called out Sen. David Perdue (R-GA), Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), and Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), asking them to look into the reports.

“David, if you guys can start working on that when you get back,” said Trump, adding, “Doug, please, if you don’t mind. Kelly, start working on that with David, please, okay? I think Monday morning would be okay.”

So much more…

Many Trump supporters have long suspected that Donald Trump has been the target of a “deep state” coup, and the reports that broke last week provide more evidence to support those suspicions.

According to one interview released last week, William Barnett, an FBI agent who worked on the Michael Flynn case, told DOJ investigators that he “feared groupthink and a ‘get Trump’ attitude was driving the investigation forward,” Politico reported.

In addition, new court documents filed in the Flynn case reveal text messages that were exchanged between worried FBI agents.

Within those texts, FBI agents discussed how many problems they would have if their actions during the probe were ever investigated by the incoming Trump administration.

Some agents even discussed buying personal liability insurance, knowing full well they all stood to lose their jobs for what they were doing.

“I’m tellying [sic] man, if this thing ever gets FOIA’d, there are going to be some tough questions asked,” one agent wrote in January 2017, according to Just The News.

Keep in mind, most of this happened under the watchful eye of former FBI director James Comey, someone who continues to avoid scrutiny in the media and has been given a free pass thus far by Attorney General William Barr.

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