Trump orders FEMA to stop sending wildfire aide to California

President Donald Trump has apparently reached his limit with the mismanagement of California.

After sending countless dollars to California for wildfire damage, Trump had decided that enough is enough, and is now telling FEMA to halt aid to the Golden State.

Get Your House in Order

Trump’s tweet should be a big wake-up call for California to get its act together.

While it is one of the largest and most populated states in the country, California is also among the most mismanaged states in the Union.

The financial problems of the state are legendary, and they often need federal money to keep the lights on.

In addition to its financial woes, the state consistently has problems with wildfires that cause billions of dollars in damage.

Lives are uprooted, businesses are destroyed, and people obviously lose their lives from these fires — all of which are unacceptable.

While some of these fires would happen regardless, some of them could also be prevented with better forest management.

That was President Trump’s point.

Dems Fight Back

Democrats in office did not take too kindly to Trump’s threat.

They are already claiming that Trump is using the victims of these wildfires as pawns in his never-ending battle with House and Senate Democrats.

California, for its part, only seems to play nice with the federal government when it actually wants something.

President Trump has received zero cooperation from the state on a single platform issue.

Meanwhile, virtually the entire state provides sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

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Americans cannot continue to bail out out California for its mismanagement.

California Democrats can cry all they want, but they are the ones that need to get their act together.

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