Trump signs executive order to combat kidney disease

On Wednesday, an executive order signed by President Donald Trump was lauded as a “groundbreaking action” in the fight against kidney disease.

The president’s executive order is a significant step in providing more kidney transplants to those that need them most.

Can’t Wait Any Longer

Sadly, many of the people that die from kidney disease are either waiting on a transplant donor or simply cannot afford the procedure.

President Trump stated: “Many, many people are dying while they wait. We’ll do everything we can to increase the supply, and we’ll be able to do that very substantially…getting Americans off these waitlists.”

The new executive order incentivizes organ donations.

Additionally, it will help offset some of the larger costs for patients undergoing a transplant, such as child care and the loss of their wages from time missed from work.

The disease is reported to impact more than 37 million Americans.

Early Detection

In addition to the lack of donors, one of the major obstacles is that Americans suffering from kidney disease are often unaware of it until it is far too late.

President Trump’s executive order is also hoping to address this issue by putting more early detection protocols in place.

It is very likely this legislation would have never come to be in kidney disease were not so impactful in the Trump administration.

In addition to the first lady’s kidney problems in 2018, one of Trump’s Cabinet members also had family experience with kidney disease. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar’s father had to have a kidney transplant after suffering through end-stage renal disease.

This no doubt brought the issue front and center for President Trump, and now a greater good has come from those difficulties.

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