Trump signs executive order expediting infrastructure, energy projects

President Donald Trump is clearly trying to strike while the iron is hot.

Large-scale constrction projects are an effective way to jump-start any economy, and that is why Trump just signed an executive order to fast-track the launch of infrastructure and energy projects, the Epoch Times reports.

Fast-tracking projects

Prolonged shutdowns stemming from the coronavirus pandemic have led to unemployment rates rivaling those seen during the Great Depression.

While many jobs will begin return as the pace of reopening quickens nationwide, there will surely be many others that are permanently gone.

In an effort to get the American economy rolling again, the president’s executive order grants a number of key government agencies the emergency powers they need to expedite permits for energy and infrastructure projects across the country.

Part of a broader plan

A popular assertion on the left these days is that in the wake of the global pandemic and the resulting economic fallout, Trump is at a total loss as to how he should proceed.

That, however, is, as Trump likes to say, “fake news.”

The president wants to temporarily cut the payroll tax, and he has also ordered federal agencies to slash regulations that would “inhibit economic recovery,” as The Hill reports.

Add to that this executive order designed to hasten the approval process for job-creating energy and construction projects, and it is obvious that Trump has a clear vision of what this nation needs.

What would Biden do?

Thus far, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has yet to release a formal economic recovery plan, and he has already come out against many of the stimulus measures already taken by the Trump administration.

Biden wants to significantly raise taxes for high-income business owners, the very people who provide jobs to the working class of this country, and his likely supporters on the left have already denounced Trump’s move to reduce regulatory hurdles that could slow the launch of critical infrastructure initiatives.

These are all considerations Americans must take into serious account before they pull the handle in the voting booth come November.

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