President Trump on Michael Avenatti arrest: ‘I wish him the best of luck’

It took a few days, but President Donald Trump has finally reacted to the arrest of Michael Avenatti for domestic abuse.

The press asked Trump about it as he was leaving for Florida, and with a wry smile, the president stated: “I wish him the best of luck.”

“The best of luck”

Considering how much Avenatti has unloaded on the president, it was surprising not to see Trump hit him when he was down.

Rather than give the press fodder for more Trump attacks, though, the president merely wished him “the best of luck.”

While the sentiment was there, Trump was clearly enjoying the fact that Avenatti is being made to squirm a bit in the public eye.

Girlfriend alleges assault

Over the last couple of days, more details have emerged as to exactly what happened.

The woman that was allegedly assaulted was apparently Avenatti’s girlfriend.

Several alternative outlets have published pictures of her alleged injuries.

In the police report, she stated he kicked her out of the apartment in her underwear.

After she tried to alert a neighbor, Avenatti then allegedly drug her back into the apartment.

His girlfriend was finally able to get her clothes on and fled the building, but not before Avenatti allegedly landed a few swings.

Avenatti denies wrongdoing

For his part, Avenatti has vehemently denied the allegations.

He has even stated there is video from the building that will back up his story, not hers.

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Considering the fact that a restraining order was issued against him, though, it does not look good.

All of this should play out over the next few days and if her story holds up, it will more than likely be the last anyone ever hears of Avenatti.

Good riddance.

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