Trump calls for Rep. Ilhan Omar’s resignation after anti-Semitic tweets

For those who were wondering if President Donald Trump would weigh in on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic tweets — he did. And he wants her out.

Trump suggested this week that Omar should resign from Congress — or at least be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee, and dismissed her apology as “lame.”

Trump calls for Omar’s resignation

Speaking from the White House on Tuesday, Trump told reporters, “Anti-Semitism has no place in the United States Congress.”

“I think she should either resign from Congress, or she should certainly resign from the House Foreign Affairs Committee,” he continued.

“What she said is so deep-seated in her heart that her lame apology — and that’s what it was, it was lame, and she didn’t mean a word of it — was just not appropriate,” said Trump.

“I think she should resign from Congress, frankly, but at a minimum, she shouldn’t be on committees, certainly that committee,” he added.

Not going anywhere

But the Minnesota Democrat is staying put. Roll Call reported that Democratic leaders had no intention of removing Omar from any of her committees.

“I don’t think she’s anti-Semitic,” said Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. “She did apologize. The key will be that when we make a mistake like that, conscious or unconscious, that we don’t repeat it. That will be the proof of the pudding.”

“Lame” apology

Omar did apologize — after Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders got involved — and claimed ignorance. But this isn’t the first time she’s been called out for using anti-Semitic speech.

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra put together screenshots of just a few of Omar’s recent tweets that came across as hateful toward Jews, namely accusations that wealthy Jewish lobbyists are controlling members of Congress by buying them off, not to mention a retweet — which has since been deleted — that referred to Jews as “hook-nosed.”

And while Omar said she “unequivocally” apologized, she immediately proceeded to equivocate by criticizing the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee’s “problematic” role in U.S. politics.

President Trump was right to call Omar’s apology “lame” and he was right to call for her removal from committees and resignation from Congress. Of course, it is highly doubtful that Omar or Democrats care one bit what Trump or the rest of America want, and will sweep her anti-Semitic comments under the rug.

After all, as columnist James Robbins points out in USA Today, “In a larger sense, l’affaire Omar is a symptom of a much deeper problem in the Democratic Party. Most of them just don’t like Israel.”

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