Trump Jr. offers support to DeSantis for president if his father decides not to run

Former President Donald Trump is still publicly toying with the idea of throwing his hat in the ring for another White House bid in 2024.

If he decides to bow out, however, his eldest son has already made it clear that he believes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis presents the Republican Party’s best chance of securing a win.

“You’ll have to ask him”

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on the next presidential election cycle during a wide-ranging interview with the Washington Examiner.

It might come as no surprise to political insiders that Trump is a fan of DeSantis, who has apparently modeled his policies and governing style after the former president. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Florida governor has seen his popularity skyrocket among the GOP base as he eschewed the tendency of leaders in other states to implement harsh restrictions.

When asked whether his father would mount another presidential campaign in three years, the younger Trump declared: “You’ll have to ask him.”

Pressed to reveal his personal thoughts on the possible GOP lineup, he made it clear that he believes DeSantis seems well suited for the job.

“If I’m going to be totally objective about it, I think, you know, what Ron DeSantis has done in Florida is outstanding,” Trump said.

“A very bright continuing future”

Providing a few specifics, he said that the governor “didn’t fall for the narrative,” noting that he possibly learned from the Trump administration “what the media will try to do to you if you do take those kinds of stances” but nevertheless has “been proven, you know, virtually 100% correct on those things.”

Even if the elder Trump does announce his candidacy in 2024, his son believes that the governor would make a fine choice as his running mate.

DeSantis has “a very bright continuing future, whether that’s with my father, whether that’s — if my father doesn’t run — on his own,” he said.

Earlier this year, Politico confirmed that the former president also seemed open to the idea of adding DeSantis to a hypothetical ballot in 2024.

“A lot of people like that — you know, I’m just saying what I read and what you read — they love that ticket,” Trump said in reference to a Trump-DeSantis ticket. “But certainly, Ron would be considered. He’s a great guy.”

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