Pence says Trump offered to resolve shutdown dispute, but Dems rebuffed him

Contrary to the nonsense from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, it is the Democrats who have refused to sit down with President Donald Trump to resolve the government shutdown.

“[Trump] directed our team to reach out to Dems & we met several times before Christmas. We met w/ [Chuck Schumer] & presented a good-faith offer to resolve this issue & achieve a principled compromise – only to find out after Christmas that the Dems stopped negotiations all together,” Vice President Mike Pence wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

There is Always a Middle Ground

In government, you more or less know you are never going to get everything you want.

The beauty of our political system is supposed to be that both sides get something they can live with.

For decades now, though, our politicians have forgotten the art of compromise.

Going back to the days of former president Ronald Reagan, our government has been more or less hamstrung by partisanship.

If Republicans get the White House, they push through their legislation.

When the Democrats take over, they undo everything the Republicans did and force their own legislation through.

We saw this throughout both Bush administrations, the Clinton administration, and the Obama administration.

Trump vowed he would bring his negotiating skills to the table and change all that.

Initially, it seemed as though it was working … until we got to the fundamental issues on which he campaigned, like border security.

That middle ground that politicians are supposed to find is now completely gone and it does not appear as though they will find it again anytime soon.

Not Willing to Budge

Pelosi just took over as House Speaker and promised to create bipartisan legislation, as Americans deserve.

While saying that, both she and Schumer have rallied their party to completely walk away from the table with President Trump.

The ONLY way they will come back is if they get their way, period.

Trump has thrown out a request for $5 billion for the border wall.

Most conservatives believe if a good-faith agreement is made, he will compromise and reopen the government for far less.

The problem, though, is that Trump would be able to check off another box in his list of campaign promises, and that’s just not acceptable for Democrats.

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They have the House, and they will not stop this obstructionist behavior until they have both the Senate and the White House back in their control.

For the Democrats, this is all about power. Period.

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