Trump obliterates CNN’s Jim Acosta over ‘manufactured’ national emergency on immigration

Once again, CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to take on President Trump and once again, he lost.

After getting the microphone, Acosta went on for almost a minute before Trump demanded he move on and actually ask a question.

When Acosta finally asked Trump whether he was manufacturing the border crisis, Trump dared him to ask the Angel Moms in attendance if the crisis was manufactured. 

Knockout Punch

We are losing American citizens to illegal immigrant crimes on what seems like a daily basis.

These are all crimes that could have been prevented if we had better border security.

Acosta tried to tell Trump that crime numbers are down, and Trump immediately put him in his place.

The Challenge

Trump then challenged Acosta to look up the numbers as to the percentages of prisoners in our corrections system that are illegal aliens.

Well, we took up that challenge and did the research for Acosta.

As of the year ending 2017, 21 percent of the population of the Bureau of Prisons were undocumented immigrants.

The U.S. Marshals Service identified 37 percent of its prisoners to be undocumented immigrants.

In all, it worked out to be roughly 26 percent of the prison population are undocumented immigrants.

Liberals will say most of them are only here because they entered the country illegally, which is a crime, by the way, but that is also not true.

While there is a significant percentage of the prisoners in the system being held by the U.S. Marshalls being immigration-related, it is a much different story in the Bureau of Prisons.

There, 46 percent of those being held were arrested for drug-related charges.

A full quarter of those prisoners being held were arrested for other criminal offenses, including weapons charges and sexual crimes.

In all, there were more than 91,000 undocumented immigrants in the federal corrections system.

The costs for prisoners range anywhere from $30,000/year to $60,000/year depending upon the location where they are held.

Even if you put that cost on the low end of that scale, that is more than $2.7 billion coming out of the pockets of taxpayers to pay for them.

But, according to liberals and reporters like Acosta, that does not constitute a national emergency. Is the press really the enemy of the people?

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