Mueller says Trump is not a criminal target in his investigation – report

Donald Trump may have just received the best news of 2018.

According to a just-released report, Mueller informed Trump’s attorneys the President is NOT a criminal target in his investigation.

Good News

It is no secret Mueller wants to have a sit down with President Trump.

However, his attorneys thus far have insisted the President stay away from Mueller.

Mueller, however, has continued to try to negotiate an interview.

In doing so, he informed the President’s attorneys that Trump is not considered to be a target in this investigation.

Is It a Trap?

Just because Trump currently is not a target does not mean Mueller will not look at him in the future.

Mueller is pretty slick, and this negotiation tactic could just be a ploy.

President Trump likes to speak in hyperbole and talk off the cuff, and Mueller knows it.

This could get Trump in serious trouble, though, if he is talking under oath.

Trump could say something that was not 100 percent accurate and Mueller could quickly flip and use it against him.


More than likely, though, Trump will have to sit down with Mueller at some point.

In all likelihood, Mueller will not close out the investigation until he does actually talk to the President.

Last month, the Trump team turned over a stack of documents to keep Mueller busy while they continue to prep the President for his eventual interview.

Trump no doubt has been insisting on getting the interview over with too, as was made apparent when his lead attorney John Dowd resigned.

After Dowd left the legal team, several publications reported the reason was Trump’s insistence of sitting down with Mueller as soon as possible to get this “witch hunt” over with.

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The optics on Trump not interviewing are bad for several obvious reasons, most notably the liberal media will spin it as though he is trying to hide something.

We would only caution Trump to be very careful when this inevitably happens because Mueller is a true snake in the grass.

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