Trump officially nominates replacement for deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

Rod Rosenstein wanted out a long time ago — and now he’s finally getting his wish.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump announced his nomination to serve as the new deputy attorney general, Jeffrey Rosen.

Fresh Start

Rosenstein was expected to be gone by now. However, since Trump had not yet settled on a nominee to replace him, Rosenstein apparently agreed to stay on for longer than expected.

As recently as last week, that was confirmed by officials in the Department of Justice.

But now, it seems Trump has made a decision — and it should go off without a hitch.

Indeed, Rosen shouldn’t have very much trouble being confirmed. He previously served President George W. Bush, and already serves Trump as his deputy secretary of Transportation.

Still, Rosen will still have to go undergo fresh confirmation hearings in the Senate before he can claim his new role.

Heading Out

With Robert Mueller’s investigation finally over and President Trump once again going after the FBI and the media via Twitter, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Rosenstein actually leave office before Rosen is confirmed.

Rosenstein will want to get himself out of direct line of fire, since he was the official tasked with overseeing the Mueller investigation.

And recent comments from Andrew McCabe tying Rosenstein to an alleged coup attempt against Trump made matters even worse for the outgoing deputy AG.

Rosenstein has flat-out denied allegations that he voice recorded Trump in preparation for a 25th Amendment attempt to remove him from office, but that has not stopped the president from targeting Rosenstein with his weekend Twitter rants.

The sooner Rosenstein leaves his position, the far better it will be for all involved — including Trump’s newest nominee.

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