Trump says he has no plans to replace Mike Pence on 2020 ticket

President Donald Trump has been asked a number of times if he is pleased with the performance and support he has received from Vice President Mike Pence as well as whether he intends to keep him in place during a potential second term in office, and the president has always been consistent in his response.

Despite repeatedly reaffirming his admiration and respect for the vice president, the question came up again on Sunday when the president spoke with reporters, and the president made it clear once more that Pence isn’t going anywhere.

“I’m very happy with Mike Pence”

During a lengthy question and answer session with reporters at a New Jersey airport before returning to the White House on Sunday, President Trump was asked, among other things, about whether he was pleased with the current composition of his Cabinet, whether any former administration officials might return to the fold in the future, and whether he had considered making a change in his running mate for 2020.

In response to an inquiry about a possible substitution on the ticket, Trump replied, “No, I’m very happy with Mike Pence.”

“I think Mike Pence has been an outstanding VP. I think that he’s been incredible in terms of the love that a lot of people — especially if you look at the Evangelicals and so many others — they really have a great respect for our Vice President. And so do I. And so do, I think, most people,” he continued.

“No, I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t be thinking about that. A lot of people — a lot of people, you know, amazingly, they bring different names up. And they brought a lot of different names up,” Trump added, though he declined to provide any of those alleged “names” that others have floated as potential vice presidential candidates.

Staying put

Nevertheless, he was asked about those names, and replied with a laugh: “And that’s — and that’s, by the way — at some point, I’ll let you know — but that’s, by the way, standard.

“You know, that’s standard. Everybody thought that President Obama was going to change Biden. They all thought that in the, you know, second term, he was going to change it. Everybody thought it. And he didn’t do that,” the president continued in reference to Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

“But, no, I’m very happy with Mike Pence,” Trump added, likely with the hope that this same question won’t continue to pop up, though it undoubtedly will continue to be asked in some form or fashion.

Pence as impeachment hedge

It is unclear exactly why the question about Pence remaining as vice president in a second Trump term continues to be posed by the media, save for the cynical probability that liberals hope to drive a wedge between the two in a bid to weaken the administration and cause dissension within the White House.

Pence and Trump truly are two very different types of people, and while some might presume their differences would lead to constant clashes, in reality, the pair have seemingly complemented each other’s strengths and weaknesses by appealing to different segments of the Republican base. Pence has repeatedly proven himself to be nothing but loyal when it comes to supporting the president’s agenda.

In truth, the far-left progressive wing of the Democrat Party is just as afraid of Pence, if not more so, than it is of Trump. As such, the VP serves as a sort of anti-impeachment insurance policy that President Trump seems unlikely to cancel.

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