Report: Trump never pressured Ukraine for information about Joe Biden

Several reports have surfaced that President Trump was putting pressure on Ukrainian leadership to turn over dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, but the Ukrainian Foreign Minister says otherwise.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko stated that while he believes the United States has the right to ask for such information, the conversation between Trump and his president did NOT cover that subject.

Holding Back Aid

Much of what the media is trying to sell as a threat by Trump was the fact that Trump withheld aid from Ukraine. This, however, was not a threat being made by Trump, nor was it exactly news.

Since before Trump won the election, Trump has stated more nations need to kick in on these aid packages given to other countries in need. He said the same thing about the money sent to the United Nations.

Prior to a scheduled call with the Ukraine president, Trump told his staff to hold up on the aid for the time being (this was earmarked for military aid to Ukraine). Trump recently told the press, “I said hold it up. Let’s get others to pay. I made that loud and clear. Told it to a lot of people.”

That summary of events, however, was not accurate according to a recent Washington Post report, which cited another unnamed source as saying Trump was holding back the aid to put pressure on Ukraine over the Joe Biden issue.

Trump insists that was not the case, though. He stated, “That call was perfect. It couldn’t have been nicer. Even the Ukrainian government put out a statement that that was a perfect call. There was no pressure put on them whatsoever.”

What Did Joe Biden Do?

Joe Biden has not hidden the fact he had a Ukrainian prosecutor removed from office. Biden maintains that the prosecutor in question was corrupt and before the U.S. handed over a monstrous aid package, he wanted that prosecutor gone.

What Biden has never been forthcoming about, however, is the fact that a company for which his son worked was being investigated by the allegedly corrupt prosecutor.

Within hours after Biden’s threat, the prosecutor was gone.

As aggressively as the Democrats have been in investigating Donald Trump, it would only make sense to encourage an investigation of the Bidens’ actions just for the sake of consistency.

Instead, the entire party remains silent, hoping this story will just go away or that they can turn it against Trump and use it to impeach him.

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