Trump says he’s ‘never heard’ from John Durham on Russia probe: ‘Never once’

In a radio interview with conservative host Hugh Hewitt, former President Donald Trump said he has not heard anything from John Durham as a lengthy special counsel investigation into the origins of the infamous Russia collusion probe wraps up in the near future. 

“I’ve never heard from Durham, never once. I never heard from him,” Trump said in response to a question from Hewitt about the special investigation, according to the Washington Examiner.

Back in May, former federal prosecutor and Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy said something similar about top officials and Durham. “There are people that were really, really high up in government. Like really high up in government in the last administration that I talked to in the last week, and they don’t have a clue,” Gowdy said at the time, as the Examiner reported.

Trump had hoped that Durham would produce a report on the investigation before the 2020 election and that it would show that the now-former president was targeted and Democrats committed fraud in accusing him of colluding with Russia, but no such report ever materialized. A date by the end of the summer was then given, but even that looks like it might be pushed back at this point.

Where’s Durham?

Instead, Durham ostensibly kept investigating right through the election, although it is unclear how far that investigation went if Trump was never even interviewed.

Durham made some vague comments about not wanting to appear political or influence elections as a reason for not giving any kind of report prior to November 2020.

But in fact, his refusal to do so actually was political, and denied Trump some ammunition he could have used to gain the few thousand more votes he needed in key states to push him over the edge and beat Biden.

Until this month, Durham only came up with charges against one person in the whole investigation: FBI agent Kevin Clinesmith, who was reportedly sentenced to probation for altering an email.

More charges coming?

It is possible that more charges will be coming, however, since information related to Durham’s investigation was presented to a grand jury this month, the Examiner said.

Currently, the investigation seems to be focused on low-level FBI officials, rather than top officials like former CIA Director John Brennan, whom Durham interviewed months ago.

In Trump’s view, Democrats are back to the “crooked politics” that led to them spying on him during the campaign.

“Every time I speak, I say, ‘Where’s Durham?'” Trump told Hewitt, according to the Examiner. “That should have never been allowed to be put into the Biden administration. They spied on my campaign, and they didn’t pay. We caught them, and yet they used prosecutors on Republicans all over the country. They’re using them so illegally. They’re using the IRS. They’re back to their old games, OK? By the way, that’s what they’re good at. That’s what they’re good at, is crooked politics.”

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