Trump Motorcade Forced to Change Routes to Avoid Florida Protesters

The President got a bit of a scare on Saturday.

With protesters lining up in the streets of Florida, Trump’s Secret Service team was forced to change its route to ensure his safety.

Protests Require Change of Route

The President’s motorcade has some preferred routes when Trump is in West Palm Beach.

Since the public regularly lines the streets of these routes when they know he is coming to town, precautions needed to be put in place.

With numerous protests going on around the country over gun control, including one in Palm Beach, Trump’s security team thought it best to use an alternate route to deviate from his normal routes.

Better Safe Than Sorry

In most cases, the motorcade will choose a secure, but fast route to keep the president exposed for as little time as possible.

In this case, the route was bit longer than usual, but it did keep Trump away from the protesters.

While his vehicle is secure, there is always a chance of an attack.

Several times during his time in office, cars have been waiting in the woods or off to the side of the road hoping to literally run into Trump.

We have also seen both pedestrians and cyclists a little too close for comfort.

Liberal Lunatics

With the recent uproar over gun control, we really would not put anything past these liberal maniacs that want to do harm to President Trump.

It only takes a split second for something to happen.

On more than one occasion, we have seen lapses in Trump’s security, so we know even with the team of Secret Service agents around him, he is still vulnerable.

Everyone remembers how close that one attacker got to Trump during the presidential election.

The man rushed the stage and was within feet of Trump before he was apprehended.

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We have also seen the attempts at the White House, which have all been stopped, thank God.

As the political climate continues to heat up for the mid-term elections, it is clear Trump’s Secret Service detail will have to be even more vigilant.

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