Report: Trump motorcade narrowly avoids nasty crash in Alabama

President Donald Trump’s Friday visit to Alabama could have been much different if not for a guardrail and some good timing.

An out-of-control SUV heading the opposite direction crashed into a guardrail just yards away from the president’s motorcade on Friday morning, according to reports.

One onlooker said in a video of the incident that the car nearly “took Trump out,” according to the Daily Mail.

Scary Moment

This incident could have had a far worse outcome — but it didn’t, thanks in large part to a guardrail.

However, it is not unheard of for a car in such a situation to lose control and actually go airborne over the divider into oncoming traffic.

Thankfully, in this situation, things went just about as good as they could have gone, all things considered.

President Trump safely made it to his destination to meet with families who lost loved ones in the recent tornados.

In all, 23 people were killed during the tornados, with one family losing 10 members.

The Alabama Visit

As is usual with President Donald Trump, his visit to Alabama stirred up some controversy with liberals and non-supporters.

As part of his visit, Trump signed Bibles, hats, and other items at the request of some of the victims of the tragic storms.

But instead of accepting Trump’s moves as a kind gesture by the leader of the free world, Trump’s detractors said his willingness to sign a Bible made the holy book part of a political stunt. But that was not the view of Hershael York, the Dean of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary School of Theology.

“Though we don’t have a national faith, there is faith in our nation, and so it is not at all surprising that people would have politicians sign their Bibles,” York said. “Those Bibles are meaningful to them and apparently these politicians are too.”

Former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt also signed Bibles during their presidency.

Sounds like this is all just another attempt to smear President Trump.

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