Trump says he will visit Montana to campaign for Sen. Steve Daines

President Donald Trump just endorsed a candidate in a key United States Senate race.

Taking to social media on Friday, President Trump announced his support for Montana Sen. Steve Daines (R), who will be seeking reelection this November, according to The Washington Times

The race between Daines and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) is expected to play a pivotal role in deciding which political party controls the U.S. Senate following elections this fall.

“I’ll be there”

Not only did President Trump give Daines his endorsement, but he also promised to “be there” in Montana to help Daines campaign.

“No Contest,” the president wrote on Twitter. “Steve blows him away. So important for Montana. I’ll be there to help Steve win big!!!”

“Montana can’t wait to have you back, Mr. President!” replied Daines. Previously, he also thanked his supporters for helping him win his primary contest last week. “Let’s win this November!” Daines wrote.

The Daines’ campaign revealed that President Trump and Daines have spoken on several occasions recently about the possibility of the president campaigning in person on Daines’ behalf, according to The Great Falls Tribune. With Friday’s announcement, it appears that such appearances are all but certain.

Governor jumps in

During the exchange between Daines and President Trump, Daines’ challenger, Gov. Bullock, also decided to throw his name into the mix.

“Different Steve here!” Bullock wrote. “I’m Steve Bullock and I’m running for Senate because I’m tired of the finger-pointing and petty partisan politics in D.C. I’m running to make Washington work more like Montana.”

Bullock’s interjection was then followed by a request for monetary donations.

Rallying critical support

It is unclear exactly when President Trump will head to Montana, as the state still has some lingering restrictions in place to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. One of those restrictions prevents gatherings of groups of 50 or more people in situations where social distancing measures would be impossible to maintain.

President Trump won Montana big back in 2016, beating Hillary Clinton by some 20 points, as The New York Times reported. In 2018, Trump held four rallies on four different occasions for Republican candidates. Now, we can hope the president helps Daines retain his seat in the Senate, as we are going to need him more than ever.

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