Trump has light moment with Piers Morgan, dons Churchill hat

President Donald Trump had an exceptional week during his U.K. visit, highlighted by a light moment that sent liberals into a tizzy.

During an interview with Piers Morgan, Trump stopped the interview briefly to put on a Winston Churchill-style hat.

Sense of Humor

You would not know it from the way the media portrays Trump, but he has a great sense of humor.

In the right setting, he has no problem poking a little fun at himself or doing something unexpected.

His hair has always been a focus of the media, and Trump managed to take a quick poke at that just before donning the Winston Churchill-styled hat.

The hat was slightly big for Trump, making him appear to look like a member of Our Gang rather than the President of the United States.

Liberals, of course, went a little bonkers on social media, but that is what liberals seem to do these days. Everyone else, including both President Trump and Morgan, had quite a good laugh over the moment.

Under Pressure

According to people like Nancy Pelosi, when pressure is applied to Trump, he throws a temper tantrum. The facts, however, prove the opposite to be true.

With a massive crisis on our border, Trump threatened to hit Mexico with massive tariffs and leadership buckled. That was the ultimate strategic play, regardless of what Pelosi stated.

That particular attribute is something Trump believes he shares with Churchill.

The president stated, “He was a great man who reacted so well under the gun, under pressure. There are not many people like that.”

No, sir, there are not, but We the People are grateful you are one of them!

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