Trump ‘missing’ from Oval Office – or so the media thought

The lengths the media will go to in order to take a shot at Trump has sunk to a new low.

Over the holidays, rumors began to circulate that Trump was not actually working in the Oval Office over the holidays as he said.

Where is Trump?

The Daily Mail published an article challenging whether President Trump is actually still at the White House.

Their reasoning is that since there is no Marine sentry posted outside the West Wing, Trump is lying about staying in D.C.

It has gotten to the point the media has taken photos of the outside of the West Wing to prove there is no Marine guard on duty.

When the White House was asked why the Marine guard was not on duty, it had no response.

The media has based its assumptions on Trump’s secret trip to see the troops over Christmas.

Even though they were never alerted to the trip, Trump managed to visit the troops in Iraq the day after Christmas.

It is normal protocol for such a trip to be kept secret since the president is traveling to hostile territory.

White House pushes back

White House staff has pushed back against the claims the president is not in the White House.

One staffer stated he had walked into the Oval Office and Trump was at his desk working.

Trump pushed back against the rumor too, tweeting Monday, “I’m in the Oval Office. Democrats, come back from vacation now and give us the votes necessary for Border Security, including the Wall. You voted yes in 2006 and 2013. One more yes, but with me in office, I’ll get it built, and Fast!”

That was not good enough for the media, however, as they have continually pushed the narrative Trump is lying about being in the White House this weekend.

Trump has not made an actual public appearance since Friday night, when he dined with Vice President Pence.

So, in their eyes, that is all the proof they need to spread a rumor.

It has actually gotten so bad, the media is splitting hairs, saying that even if he was in the White House, he was not actually in the Oval Office.

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This is the state of our media today.

They would rather play Where’s Waldo than cover stories of actual importance to the American people, such as the fact Democrats are refusing to negotiate with Trump on the border wall.

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