Trump signs military spending bill named after Sen. John McCain without mentioning him

President Donald Trump traveled to Fort Drum in New York for a signing ceremony of the $716 billion 2019 Defense spending bill in front of gathered troops.

Trump delivered a brief speech in addition to signing the bill, but conspicuously failed to mention that the bill was named in honor of his arch-rival, Navy veteran and longtime Arizona Senator John McCain.

According to The New York Times, the official name of the military spending bill is the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019, but Trump never read off the official name of the bill in his 28-minute long speech, nor did he even reference the bill’s namesake.


It is no secret that Trump and McCain have not liked each other for some time, at least since Trump entered the Republican primary battle in 2015 but quite likely dating to even before that.

Of course everyone remembers how Trump seemed to disparage McCain’s status as a “war hero” due to his years of captivity during the Vietnam War, but what the media routinely fail to mention is that Trump’s infamous remarks came in response to McCain’s sharp disparagement of Trump’s growing legion of supporters in the early days of the primary season.

The snide remarks back and forth between the two men didn’t stop once Trump garnered the Republican nomination or won the 2016 election, either, as McCain continued to snipe at the president from his perch in the Senate while Trump fired back from inside the White House … a position McCain sought but failed to achieve in 2008.

Thumbs down

Perhaps the most infamous dust-up between the two came during a significant moment in 2017 when Trump and the Republicans were one vote away from repealing and replacing the abysmal Obamacare law.

That was a promise that virtually all Republicans, including McCain, had run on for years — but in the early hours of the morning, McCain gave a “thumbs down” signal while voting against the measure, effectively saving the atrocious health care law from its rightful and overdue demise … a move Trump has since referenced in numerous speeches without mentioning McCain’s name.

Since that time, McCain has been largely absent from the Senate as he rests at home while receiving treatment and suffering from advanced brain cancer.

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Yet, even that hasn’t stopped McCain from lashing out against the president from time to time, nor prevented Trump from punching back in response.

Meanwhile, the liberal media — who hated and smeared McCain with a passion in 2008 — play up every shot back-and-forth and hold up McCain as some sort of anti-Trump hero.

The specific reason(s) for Trump’s refusal to note McCain while signing a bill bearing his name may only ever be known to Trump himself, and while it may rub some people the wrong way, it is nevertheless the president’s prerogative as to whether he’ll give credit to an arch-rival or not.

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