Report: Trump met with group led by Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni at White House

President Donald Trump had a somewhat controversial visitor at the White House last week.

Along with several other conservative activists, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni met with Trump last week — and some are saying the meeting presents a conflict of interest.

The Agenda

The Mrs. Thomas-led group had several hot topics they wanted to discuss with the president.

According to reports, she demanded answers on President Trump — or someone in his administration — is blocking close allies from positions in the administration.

Members of the group also reportedly wanted to discuss the role of women in the military.

Alongside Thomas, Rosemary Jenks, Frank Gaffney, and Louie Gohmert were also in attendance.

Liberal Outrage

When word of the visitors’ list got out, liberals and Democrats went into an immediate tizzy.

First, they wanted to know how the wife of a Supreme Court justice was granted access to the president.

Second, they questioned how such “extreme” right-wing activists could possibly get a meeting with the president of the United States.

But the wives of many prominent politicians and judges are involved in activities to support their own causes.

As long as there is no direct conflict with Justice Thomas carrying out his duties as a Supreme Court justice, there is nothing at all wrong here.

Second, these individuals could hardly be called extremists.

Lest we all forget that President Barack Obama had radical members of the Black Lives Matter movement to the White House — a group whose members openly called for the killing of police officers.

But nobody on the left seemed to have a problem with that at the time.

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Still, some groups are now even calling for Thomas to recuse himself from the bench while his wife conducts her activities.

This is just another example of the left saying that they can do what they want, but we can only do what they allow. Ridiculous.

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