Trump campaign: Media should stop ‘protecting Biden’, cover his events ‘in their entirety’

It has been asserted by some that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is his own campaign’s worst enemy, in that virtually every time he opens his mouth he makes the jobs of his staffers that much more difficult.

That appears to be a view shared by President Donald Trump’s campaign, which is now planning to simply sit back and allow Biden the space to implode on the national stage in front of hundreds of millions of Americans, The Washington Times reported.

Spotlight on Biden

Biden, who’s been the public eye for decades as a senator and then vice president, has a history of gaffes that under normal circumstances would end the average politician’s career.

Unfortunately for his campaign, Biden has since moved beyond mere gaffes to now exhibiting some form of mental decline that is characterized by forgetfulness, confusion, mangled sentences, incomplete thoughts, and an appearance of frailty — all of which the Trump campaign views as the Achilles heel of Biden’s current presidential aspirations.

As such, the Trump campaign actually wants the American people to see even more of Biden over the next several months than they ever have before, confident in the presumption that increased attention on Biden will bring into stark relief that he is no longer altogether present and is incapable of being an effective national leader.

Media collusion

Last week, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted, “Today @TeamTrump formally joins @JoeBiden’s campaign in their call for the media to cover Biden’s events in their entirety. Americans need to see the incoherence, ineptitude & forgetfulness on display. Stop protecting Biden. Air the events!”

Indeed, the mainstream media, undoubtedly cognizant of the damage Biden has already done to his own campaign, have been decidedly reticent to air his campaign events, speeches, and media appearances in their entirety.

Instead, they have embarked on a protective strategy of carefully picking and choosing what Americans get to see and what they don’t.

Let Joe be Joe

A political science professor at Rice University named Mark Jones told the Times of the Trump campaign strategy, “It is a recognition of the fact that Biden has somewhat benefited by being able to hole up in his basement and very much control how and when he interacts with the media,” adding:

Right now he is just about as old as Ronald Reagan was when [Reagan] left office after his second term and I think everyone knows [Biden‘s] mental acuity is not what it used to be. The other is the belief is that mentally he is not 100% there and that another impact of greater media attention would be to reveal memory lapses, the mincing up of words, and any sign that could suggest that he may not be fit to serve as president.

Another political science professor, David McCuan of Sonoma State University, offered the Times a similar take and claimed that Democrats are well aware of the fact that “if you let Joe out long enough to do retail politics, he’ll disappoint many and sabotage his own best work.”

“If Trump is sometimes his own worst enemy, then Biden is that political twin — going too far and losing a bit of zip off the campaign fastball,” McCuan added. “As the retail politicking of the presidential campaign returns, Trump and his team know that Biden often has two left feet out on the trail.”

It is time to let Joe be Joe and stumble over those two left feet for all of America to see, before it is too late.

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