Expert says Donald Trump may be impeached in 2019

Steven Okun has one of the more powerful political voices in the country, and he believes a dire warning is necessary.

Okun has little doubt once Democrats take over the House, they will do everything in their power to start impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Looming Problems

Today’s Democrat party has three things on its current agenda:

— Obstruct Trump from accomplishing anything

— Protect undocumented immigrants

— Impeach Trump

With it now being only days away from Democrat control of the House, the uncertainty of this country’s political future has started to trickle down into the investment world.

Much of that uncertainty is linked to the very real possibility of Trump being impeached by the House.

Okun, who is a senior advisor at McLarty Associates, a geopolitical consulting firm, stated, “Democrats will do something on impeachment next year.”

The Bigger Shutdown

If Democrats decide to move forward with impeachment, Okun fears Washington D.C. will shut down.

He was not referring to the current government shutdown over the budget, either, but a complete shutdown by the current administration.

As we saw with Bill Clinton, an impeachment process takes up significant time and effort by a sitting president.

Okun believes this administration will be so preoccupied fighting the impeachment, it will have little time to focus on anything else, which is exactly what Democrats want.

He further stated, “I think 2019 is going to make 2018 look tame in comparison … I’ve never seen such nervousness in the U.S. business community as I’ve seen now.”

It is important to note here, the impeachment process, if it does happen, will not go any further than the House.

It is unlikely a Republican-controlled Senate would move forward because as of now, there is simply no proof Trump did anything wrong.

There are, however, two significant problems, one of which Okun mentioned.

First, the administration will be too tied up in impeachment proceedings, Trump will be ineffective for his next two years, paving the way for a Democrat win in 2020.

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The second point, in addition to the investment problems, is that countries will be less inclined to make deals with Trump because they have no idea if he will be president moving forward.

This is a very dangerous time for Americans because it is clear Democrat representatives have clearly forgotten they are supposed to be in office for the people, not to further their own personal agendas against a president they despise.

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