Secretary of State hints Trump may attack Iran

Iran’s attack against unarmed oil transport ships has heightened tensions between the United States and Iran.

If Trump were to take military action, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed Trump absolutely has that authority if he deems the action appropriate.

9/11 Permissions

The debate in Congress was authoritatively ended by Pompeo.

Because Congress never moved to revoke the 9/11 permissions to attack both Afghanistan and Iraq, the avenue is still open for President Trump to take advantage of.

As such, Trump needs no further approval by Congress before taking action against Iran. Whether or not he chooses to do that remains to be seen.

Iranian Posturing

Iran has long-feared the United States becoming independent in regard to oil supply. If the United States were able to cut out Iran as a source of oil, it would absolutely financially cripple the country’s economy.

As such, Iran will do anything and everything within its power to hurt the supply chain. This latest attack is proof of that. Iran got exactly what it wanted, as oil prices soared when news of the attacks against the oil transport ships started to circulate.

So far, there has been a hesitation to involve the military because of the challenges faced in the Middle East. We have had to learn some very hard lessons post-9/11 as to just how difficult it is for the U.S. to obtain victory in this part of the world.

In all likelihood, Trump would not mobilize significantly more forces because of those challenges. Instead, if he moves forward with any action, we can probably expect a significant uptick in airstrikes.

Additionally, our special forces units would more than likely be mobilized to carry out more target-specific attacks. On the Democrat front, Nancy Pelosi, of course, has already challenged the President’s authority while also managing yet another cheap shot at Trump.

Pelosi stated, “I like what I hear from the president, that he has no appetite on this. I hope the president’s advisers recognize that they have no authorization to go forward in any way.”

Clearly, though, this matter has the full attention of the President and if Iran continues down this path, his only choice will be to conduct a massive strike to cripple Iran and send a true message this will not be tolerated.

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