Trump declares Oct. 5 as ‘Made in America Day’

While the media has been breathlessly speculating 24/7 about President Donald Trump’s health, the president was busy with bigger ideas.

On Saturday — presumably while working at Walter Reed Medical Center, where he was being treated for the coronavirus over the weekend — the president reaffirmed his commitment to American growth by signing an official White House proclamation, designating Monday Oct. 5 as “Made in America Day.”

America first

Since Donald Trump announced his decision to run for the highest office in the land in 2015, he made “America first” a central part of both his campaign and his presidency. Often citing how the United States has been taken advantage of by other countries, particularly China, Trump has pushed for American manufacturing and growth to be a priority.

Only a month after he was elected president, Trump told supporters in Iowa that his administration “will follow two simple rules: Buy American, and hire American.”

Manufacturing jobs are priority

The president has consistently called attention to the fact that many of America’s manufacturing jobs have been lost over the decades because of unfair trade deals and high corporate taxes. The Trump administration has been working to change that by levying tariffs on imports from nations like China, as well as advancing other measures to grow the economy like cutting taxes and regulations.

Their efforts have been largely successful. According to Forbes, in the first 30 months of Trump’s presidency, manufacturers added 499,000 jobs, expanding by 4.0%, which is a 170% advantage over the number of manufacturing jobs added in former President Barack Obama’s last 30 months.

As the November election draws near, designating a “Made in America Day” is a terrific move to call attention to the importance of continuing to put American jobs first.

Economy is key in November

The White House announcement comes as the Trump administration seeks to have an economic rebound following the downturn from COVID-19 lockdowns.

Trump has promised that in the face of job loss and economic decline due to the pandemic, his administration will work to ensure the economy will come roaring back. According to Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia, the president “is determined to get Americans back to work, help those who are unemployed,” Fox News reported.

A new Gallup poll shows the economy is a hugely important issue for voters in the upcoming election. In fact, 9 out of 10 registered voters said the economy is their top issue, Gallup reported.

Time will tell whether voters will give Trump another chance to build the economy like he did in the first three years of his presidency.

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