Liberal writer accuses Trump of ‘lusting after’ his daughter Ivanka

We always expect some outlandish things to be said when it comes to politics, but this accusation against President Trump has taken it way too far.

A liberal “journalist” has now made the ultimate in disgusting accusations, writing “Yet perhaps the worst thing I’ve witnessed has been the result of Trump’s open and lustful attraction to his own daughter.”


Once again, we have a liberal that is twisting comments and events to serve his purpose.

Furthermore, it is taking someone’s word for something that was said or done without verifying it and treating it as fact.

At the same time, they take anything and everything that Trump says and turn it into a lie.

In this case, the writer discusses the alleged affairs Trump had with McDougal and Daniels.

He takes a passing comment and turns it into Trump lusting after his daughter.

In other words, Trump was having an affair with these women because they reminded him of his daughter.

That is just flat out sick… even for a liberal.

Hit Machine

This is not the first time this particular writer has made an accusation against Trump and members of his family.

When Trump was making headlines over tariffs that would be placed to even out the trade war, he took yet another shot at Trump.

This time he accused Trump of not creating tariffs to protect his daughter’s clothing line.

Of course, in both stories, everything that was reported was a mix of speculation and unverified claims.

On other words, the “report” was more like a Stephen King novel than an actual news story.

The left continues to take shots at the right with little or no repercussions.

Sadly, many in our country are allowing this to happen.

Say something bad about Obama, you get roasted.

Say something bad about Trump, you get applauded.

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Attack a conservative, you are turned into a hero.

Attack a liberal, you lose your sponsors and/or your livelihood.

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