Trump loyalist John Ullyot appointed to NSC role

President Trump has just added a new member to his administration.

Marine veteran John Ullyot is now the Deputy Assistant to President Trump as well as the National Security Council Senior Director for Strategic Communications.


The fact that Ullyot is and has always been supportive of Trump undoubtedly played a significant role in this appointment.

Ullyot showed his loyalty during the Trump campaign working as a senior adviser on the election staff. During the campaign run, Ullyot led communications teams in all 50 states.

Once the election was over and a position at the VA opened up, Ullyot moved on to that opportunity. Ullyot served at the VA for two years and only recently left his position.

Robert O’Brien, the newly-appointed National Security Adviser was made aware of Ullyot’s previous service and apparently won him over rather quickly. Ullyot is reportedly very much behind Trump’s foreign policy, so this addition will be welcomed.

Stellar record

Another reason Ullyot has been brought aboard is undoubtedly his ability to work with Democrats on a range of issues.

He has a reputation for being able to reach across the aisle to get things done, something this administration very badly needs.

At a time when Democrats are roadblocking virtually every move by this administration, he will hopefully be able to break through some of those barriers so this administration can move forward.

Ullyot served in the Marines as an intelligence officer after graduating from Harvard University.

After being discharged from the Marines, he initially went to work for AOL Europe as vice president of corporate communications.

Additionally, he was worked for DuPont in media relations and as the communications director for the Senate Armed Services and Veteran Affairs Committees.

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