Trump legal team worked with Mueller against Buzzfeed fake news story

Imagine that… the Trump administration and special counsel Robert Mueller actually working together.

It may sound unbelievable, but that is exactly what happened to crush the fake news BuzzFeed article that came out last week. According to reports, the Trump administration reached out to Mueller to set the record straight, which is when Mueller’s office went on record and basically discredited the entire article.

Bogus Claims

BuzzFeed had published an article alleging that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, had been directed to lie to Congress by Trump.

According to the story, which cited unnamed sources, Trump told Cohen to misrepresent the situation regarding the building of a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Trump and his attorney, however, stated they did no such thing.

According to Trump’s attorney, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, “The president never spoke with Cohen about the congressional testimony.”

Most liberal mainstream media outlets jumped all over the story and it quickly came back to bite them.

When Mueller’s office released its statement debunking the BuzzFeed report as “not accurate,” they all ended up with egg on their face.

The State of the Media

This is now two major stories within the last week the mainstream media simply got wrong.

Along with the BuzzFeed article, there was, of course, the poorly researched reporting CNN and other outlets did on the incident between the MAGA-hat wearing high school students and a Native American protestor.

CNN focused on the last ten seconds or so of the confrontation because that is what made the students look the worst.

What CNN and others did not do, however, was cover the more than 60 minutes of video footage leading up to that incident.

When the full videos came out, the media was outed for doing exactly what conservatives have suspected all along — spreading false news.

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Once again, CNN was not worried about actually reporting the truth.

All they were, and are interested in is making Trump supporters, even if they are teenagers, appear as though they are nothing more than criminals and racists. It’s sickening.

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