Trump cancels press conference, leaves NATO conference in a huff

Traditionally, President Donald Trump has done press conferences after his meetings with individual leaders and representatives — especially at high-profile events such as the NATO summit.

That was not the case this week, though, as Trump opted to leave immediately after the NATO conference, canceling his end-of-conference presser to return home to the United States, according to Breitbart.

Hot-mic moment

Honestly, it was amazing Trump made it all the way through the last day of the conference considering what happened.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and French President Emmanuel Macron were all caught on video mocking Trump — specifically, Trump’s penchant for long press conferences.

When the video went viral on social media, Trump was questioned about it while meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the time, Trump only stated that Trudeau was “two-faced” and minimized the affront, but it’s not hard to tell that Trump was miffed.

Not long after that, Trump sent out a tweet stating that his end of the conference presser was canceled and he would be returning home immediately after his last meeting of the night. That night, live feeds on social media showed Trump arriving at the airport and boarding Air Force One.

Members of the press gathered for the final press conference were upset by the unexpected cancellation. CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta swiped at Trump by tweeting a picture of the empty stage.

What’s the problem?

The leftist media jumped all over the fact the political leaders were mocking Trump. Even Joe Biden said the entire world is laughing at us, but most conservatives don’t see it that way.

Trudeau saw a chance to take a cheap shot at Trump because Trump is calling him out on the fact Canada is not paying its fair share of the NATO budget.

French President Macron said we need to focus on the overall plan and mission of NATO, not the costs. That is a very easy statement to make when you are not paying your two percent.

Just as Trump is a threat to establishment politicians and elitists here in the United States, he is a threat to elitist leaders around the globe because he refuses to allow them to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

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