Trump leads Biden in new poll of voters in six battleground states

While supporters of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden cite national polls showing him with a lead over incumbent President Donald Trump, winning the electoral vote in November might be a different story for the former vice president.

A new CNBC/Change Research poll shows Trump with a two-point lead over his likely general-election rival in six key battleground states, Breitbart reports.

Trump’s advertising blitz

The Trump campaign has ramped up its investment in advertising over the past few weeks, and the messages appear to be paying off where it matters most.

Combined with spending from America First Action, a super PAC aligned with the Trump re-election effort, the Republican president’s campaign spent about $5.3 million over the first 10 days of the month. That total represents more than twice the ad budget by Biden’s campaign and all leading Democratic super PACs combined over the same period.

The new poll, which ran in the days following, surveyed more than 5,400 voters in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Overall, Trump maintained a 48% to 46% lead over the former vice president, according to Breitbart.

Trump’s advantage is in part tied to his nine-point lead over Biden among independent voters.

Trust in the president

In addition to voter preference, the poll also asked respondents which candidate they believe is better suited to handle the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis it has caused.

Although the results were evenly split regarding the health aspect of the pandemic, Trump was a resounding favorite to handle the economy, beating Biden in the poll by a margin of 51 to 40, as Breitbart noted.

Democrats and independents did find some common ground in the poll, however, including a majority in both groups who expressed a belief that there will likely be a second wave of the virus.

Additionally, Democrats and independents were significantly less likely than Republicans to respond that the nation is currently recovering from the pandemic.

“Democrats and independents are more likely than Republicans to take other steps in response to the coronavirus as well, including hand washing, avoiding restaurants, canceling trips, delaying large purchases and storing food,” CNBC reported of its findings, according to Breitbart.

The underlying message of this and virtually any poll conducted ahead of the 2020 election is that the nation remains deeply divided. Battleground states are therefore sure to be critically important on Election Day, and it appears Trump is holding a slim lead — at least for now.

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