Trump in the running to win a Nobel Peace Prize

Ladbrokes, a well-known betting site, published its first set of betting odds for who will win the Nobel Peace Prize this year, and there are some shocking names at the top of the list.

Surprisingly, President Trump is listed as the second choice to win the prestigious award.

The Favorites

North Korea has been a danger to world peace for decades.

Much of that has changed over the last few months based off some very aggressive moves by the United States and President Trump.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un tried to see what he could get away with against Trump and he found out very quickly he was dealing with a different type of president.

Trump slammed North Korea with massive sanctions, literally squeezing its economy until Kim broke.

Just a little more than a year into Trump’s term, Kim now says he is willing to purse discussions related to denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.

Just the other day, photos of Kim and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in the DMZ went viral.

Because of the new dialogue, both Kim and Moon are listed as cofavorites (-150) to win the award, but that could change rather quickly.

Trump is listed as the next choice at +1000 (which means a $100 bet would win $1,000), but the summit with Kim has yet to happen.

Odds Could Change Dramatically

It is unlikely Moon on his own has the clout or backbone to make Kim lie down his nuclear weapons.

Nobody would be surprised if after Trump meets with Kim, Kim decides to start laying down the groundwork to end his nuclear program.

This would signify the beginning of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and would be a monumental accomplishment.

If that happens, you can expect Trump or possibly a Trump/Kim combo to take over as the overall favorites to win the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

Trump continues to promote the summit but is also saying he is going to be on high alert.

President Trump stated, “I don’t think he’s [Kim] ever had this enthusiasm for somebody, for them wanting to make a deal.”

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He continued, “We’re not going to be played, OK. We’re going to hopefully make a deal. The United States in the past has been played like a fiddle.”

If there is one thing we know about Trump after his first year, he will not let anyone take advantage of him when he is sitting down at that bargaining table.

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