Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit to block Congress from obtaining his tax returns

While Donald Trump was celebrating the confirmation of a record number of judicial appointments this week, a D.C. judge was winding up to send the White House scrambling with a shocking decision.

Trump-appointed Federal Judge Carl Nichols just issued a decision dismissing Trump’s attempt at blocking Congress from getting his tax returns.

Not all bad news

Based on the wording of the decision by Judge Nichols, who is actually a Trump-appointed judge, this case is being thrown out simply because the events have not yet taken place.

The lawsuit was filed to counter a law that was signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo specifically to get Trump’s tax returns released. We have seen this type of legislation passed in other states to try to block Trump from even being put on the ballot.

The New York law, called the TRUST Act, would require New York to honor a congressional request for the president’s tax returns.

Nichols rejected Trump’s lawsuit on the grounds that since a request hasn’t been made, the D.C. court does not have jurisdiction over the New York tax commissioner or the state Attorney General.

In his ruling, Judge Nichols stated, “Mr. Trump bears the burden of establishing personal jurisdiction, but his allegations do not establish that the District of Columbia’s long-arm statute is satisfied here with respect to either Defendant. Mr. Trump has also not demonstrated that jurisdictional discovery is warranted.”

“Mr. Trump may renew his claims against the New York Defendants should future events trigger one or more provisions of the D.C. long-arm statute, and he may, of course, sue either New York Defendant in another forum (presumably in New York).”

He added, “But speculation that they might occur is insufficient to exercise jurisdiction over the Commissioner now.”

Abuse of power

Democrats are truly abusing their power in an effort to remove Trump from the White House, and they’re setting a dangerous precedent on bending the rules to the point of breaking specifically to attack Trump.

In this case, while Trump is not mentioned in the TRUST Act, his name was brought up when the legislation was introduced, with Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) even going so far as to call the legislation a “workaround” to getting what they want from Trump.

However, Nichols’ decision left the door open for Trump’s lawyers to challenge the New York law, indicating that there may be certain situations in which the DC Court could have jurisdiction over the New York officials involved in the matter.

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