Trump slams leaders of Reagan Foundation as Republicans in name only

President Trump is not happy with the Reagan Foundation and for very good reason.

After a campaign fundraising email went out offering collectible coins featuring images of Presidents Donal Trump and Ronald Reagan to those making a $45 donation, the Reagan Foundation told the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Trump to stop using the former president’s likeness.

Fundraising effort raises controversy

President Trump has often been compared to Ronald Reagan for his outgoing personality and ability to communicate with the public.

Reagan was known for simply telling it like it is, and although his personality was far less brash than Trump’s, Reagan knew just how to offend the “right people.”

While Reagan was a conservative by nature, he also reached out across the aisle and embraced moderate Democrats, much like Trump did in 2016 and has tried to do during the current campaign.

In previous fundraising efforts, it was never an issue for Trump to use Reagan’s likeness, but leadership at the foundation suddenly lodged concerns about the practice, and it has become clear why that is.

The deep state exposed

As it turns out, Frederick Ryan Jr., who is the publisher and CEO of the Trump-hating Washington Post, also happens to be the current chairman of the Reagan Foundation.

After being informed of the situation, President Trump took to Twitter to express his displeasure.

The RNC’s communications director, Michael Ahrens, tried to offer some clarity by telling The Hill that Reagan Foundation had “just recently hosted the Trump family to raise money for its organization and has not objected to us using President Reagan’s likeness before.”

Now that the objection has been raised, he stated that the RNC will stop “emailing this fundraising solicitation as a courtesy.”

As this situation reveals, there really does seem to be something of a Deep State within the GOP that wants to turn the keys of this country over to the far left in November.

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