Trump says he knew nothing about $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels

Finally, President Trump has commented on the alleged affair and hush money paid to Stormy Daniels.

On Thursday, Trump made a statement that he knew nothing about the $130,000 payment.

No Idea…

Why was Stormy Daniels paid $130,000 so close to the election?

“You’ll have to ask Michael Cohn. You’ll have to ask Michael.”

While many news outlets are hammering Trump over the nondisclosure agreement, the media fails to report Trump actually never had anything to do with the actual agreement.

As a matter of fact, according to reports, Trump never signed the agreement.

Cohn Taking the Heat

From day one, President Trump’s attorney stated he is the one that paid out the $130,000 to Daniels.

According to Cohn, Trump did not give him the money to make the payoff, nor was he ever reimbursed for the payment made.

When informed of Trump’s response, Daniels’ attorney sent out a tweet that made it sound as though he could not wait to get Trump in a courtroom.

Avenatti tweeted, “We very much look forward to testing the truthfulness of Mr. Trump’s feigned lack of knowledge concerning the $130,000 payment as stated on Air Force One.”

So, now the onus falls on Cohn to explain why he paid Daniels if there was never an affair (if we are to take the President at his word).

Why Pay?

So, if there was no affair, why did Cohn pay Daniels the money?

In all honesty, only Cohn knows the reason for making this payment.

Perhaps there was no affair but enough interaction between the two that Cohn figured it was best to kill any chance of a rumor before it ever got started.

Daniels’ Story

Stormy Daniels just about broke the Internet after her “60 Minutes” interview aired.

Sadly, at least for her, it was not because people believed her story.

All anyone could focus on was how her eyes were dilated during the interview (with speculation being that she was “on” something).

To many people, Daniels came off as unbelievable, especially when she told the encounter where someone allegedly threatened her on Trump’s behalf in front of her young daughter.

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Is Daniels making everything up in the hopes of selling some books or a movie?

Only time will tell.

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