Trump judicial appointment milestone imminent: Report

There are 179 seats on the federal appellate bench throughout the country, and Donald Trump has made history with the streak of appointments he has made to those courts during his first term.

Donald Trump has continued to advance this monumental accomplishment and is set to hit a milestone in which his appointees will occupy roughly 25% of those 179 seats, Fox News reports.

Record-Breaking Appointments

Even Democrats have to admit that one area that was an epic failure for former President Barack Obama was his inability to fill vacated seats in our judiciary.

Trump has not had that problem, as he started making appointments on his first day and has continued to push names in front of the Senate to fill every seat possible with a conservative judge.

In all, there are now 43 seats occupied by Trump judges at the appellate level, with four seats still vacant and another five expected to be opening up soon.

Turning the Tide

We have seen how liberal judges negatively impact this country in the way that Trump has faced one obstacle after another when attempting to implement his legislative goals. Virtually every time the Democrats have fought one of his policies and taken the administration to court, the case has ended up in front of a liberal judge who has blocked Trump’s agenda.

Justice is no longer the central goal, as the bias is clear for anyone to see. However, slowly but surely, Trump is replacing the leftist jurists with more fair-minded judges, which is aggravating liberals to no end.

Remember, out of the last 20 years, there has been a Democrat in the White House for 12 of them, so conservatives have a lot of ground to make up.

The one court where Trump is already having a notable impact is the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. That particular court was historically packed with liberals, but Trump has already placed six judges on the bench there. There is still one vacancy and two more seats are expected to open up in the near future, which would give Trump nine appointments on that court alone.

Assuming that all plays out, President Trump will have appointed nine of the 29 judges on that court. With the next election looming, it is more important than ever that Trump continues to push these appointments through.

The recent elections in both Kentucky and Virginia have created a sense of urgency in the party, as losing the Senate is now a very real possibility in 2020. If Trump does manage to win re-election but Democrats win the Senate, it is a fairly safe bet that Trump will not get a single judicial post filled for the remainder of his presidency.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has done an excellent job of pushing through these nominations, but he is about to give up the chair to Sen. Grassley (R-IA) if Republicans hold the Senate, according to Politico. And even if the GOP wins in 2020, we still don’t know whether Grassley will take the same approach as Graham has.

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