Senate Intelligence Committee recalls Trump Jr. to testify

In a very curious turn of events, Senate Republicans recently turned on their president.

Donald Trump, Jr. received word from the Senate Intelligence Committee that his presence was required at yet another appearance to provide testimony, something that certainly displeased his father.

No Party Loyalty

Normally, when a president is in office, every member of the party works together to support him. That is clearly not the case with President Donald Trump.

The Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee decided to recall Trump Jr. to testify.

Trump Jr. previously testified before the same committee back in December 2017.

Now, however, after hearing testimony from Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, the committee decided it needed to hear more from the president’s son.

The Target

At issue is just how much Trump Jr. knew about a project the Trump organization was pursuing in Russia. When he previously testified, he stated that he was only peripherally aware of the project.

Cohen, however, made it sound as though Trump Jr. was among the leaders on the project when he testified. Trump Jr. does not appear to be shaken by the request at all, though.

In fact, he openly stated that he planned on making the same testimony he made before, as there is no need to change anything he said when he first testified.

Regardless, this is a blow to President Trump and a blatant show of disloyalty by Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) who chairs the committee.

This disloyalty was also noticed by others in the party, as several Republicans on the committee have already publicly criticized Barr for caving to Democrat pressure to recall Trump Jr.

The testimony took place Wednesday morning. Trump Jr. appeared in a closed session, and his testimony lasted less than three hours.

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