Trump Jr. slams GOP member that stood with Democrats

Donald Trump Jr. has proven to be a very effective weapon on the campaign trail, which is bad news Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI).

On Thursday, Trump Jr. fired off a warning shot towards Amash, tweeting, “See you soon Justin… I hear Michigan is beautiful during primary season.”

Standing with Dems

Amash made the decision to call for the impeachment of Trump after the Mueller report came out. Considering virtually nobody outside of Michigan had ever heard of Amash, it is was a pretty big stand to make.

The decision spurred the debate as to whether Amash had bigger plans or wanted to leave the party altogether. Almost immediately after Amash made his statement, his seat was challenged by a primary candidate for the House.

Early polls reveal bad news for Amash, and Michigan conservatives already know how challenged Trump is by the House, so they cannot afford to have their own representative contributing to the problem.

Now, Amash is going to have to deal with Trump Jr., who has proven to be almost as effective as his father in being able to get crowds behind him.

Not Worried

Even with all of the negative coverage and the White House turning against him, Amash says it is all nothing but a smokescreen.

He still thinks the people of his district are behind him and says he will not sell out his principle to back anyone, including the president.

Amash remains confident he will win this race or any other race he enters, stating, “when I run for something, I run to win.”

There have been more than a few rumors he is actually contemplating a run at the White House. If he does that, it is speculated he will change parties to do so, because he will NOT have the support of the Republican party.

This would be rather foolish this late in the game, considering the first debate is only weeks away and the field already is flooded with candidates.

If he were to enter the race at this point, it would be like flushing his entire political career, if he even he still has one, right down the drain.

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