Former federal prosecutor says Trump Jr. should be worried about indictment

Another legal analyst has examined special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and believes 2019 will bring some bad news for the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump, Jr.

Elie Honig, a former federal prosecutor, stated, “I also think Donald Trump, Jr. needs to be a little bit worried on a couple of these bases.”

“When Michael Cohen pled guilty a few weeks ago to making the hush money payments, the campaign finance violations, the papers referenced ‘executive 1’ and ‘executive 2’ within the Trump Organization. If either of those are Donald Trump Jr., he could be in trouble,” Honig said on CNN Friday.

“He also has potential exposure for lying to Congress about the Moscow project, which is another thing Michael Cohen pled guilty to,” Honig added. “We could also have indictments there.”

Campaign finance violations

One of the biggest problems facing the Trumps right now is that Mueller is apparently trying to link the money paid to the women who allege Trump paid them off to keep quiet about past affairs as campaign finance violations.

Both of these payments were made by parties other than Trump, at least initially.

In the case of the Daniels money, Trump later reimbursed Cohen for that money.

However, Trump and his attorneys have been adamant the money used in these cases was personal money, not campaign funds.

Mueller, however, appears to be going after the angle that since these women could have hurt Trump’s chances of becoming president, they were, in fact, political campaign contributions.

Mueller’s plan

Mueller, apparently, is not really interested in seeking out justice during this investigation.

It has become painfully obvious the only thing Mueller is really trying to do is get people to slip up during their testimony. Then he indicts them for giving false testimony.

Bob Woodward’s book “Fear,” even though it is a hit job on Trump, makes this exact point.

Mueller has been dying to get Trump to testify about a wide range of subjects in the hopes Trump goes off on a tangent about something he does not recall exactly.

This is what Mueller did to Michael Flynn and it is apparently what he wants to do to both Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr.

In the case of Donald Trump, Jr., this may also include the testimony he has already provided in regard to the meeting he had at Trump Tower with a Russian attorney during the campaign.

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It has also been made quite apparent Democrats want Mueller to go after Trump’s children in order to get him to buckle.

Either way, Honig may be correct in Trump, Jr. being target number one on Mueller’s post-holiday indictment list.

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