Donald Trump Jr. rips CBS for portraying human smugglers as ‘helpful humanitarians’

CBS will soon air a documentary on the crisis at the southern border — but it isn’t as accurate as they’d like you to believe.

In a Tuesday tweet, Donald Trump, Jr. ripped the network’s portrayal of the migrants headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border.

Don Jr. wrote:

Twisting the Narrative

The fact that CBS is airing a teaser that portrays members of the incoming migrant caravans as sort of humanitarians is despicable.

The “industries,” as the narrator calls them, that are popping up along the caravan route and near the border are associated with human trafficking.

Regardless of if they are supplying meals, transportation, or guidance, they are breaking the law — period.

Many of these individuals are actually assisting gangs and cartels by moving women and children across the border.

Sadly, many of these women and children will be outright bought or forced to work as prostitutes to pay their way.

There is nothing honorable at all about what they are doing.

Telling the Truth

It is no secret that liberals and conservatives are on the opposite side of this argument. However, it is one thing to fight for illegals, and something completely different to portray human smugglers as humanitarians.

It is despicable to portray businesses centered around human trafficking as similar to a mom-and-pop grocery store.

While these liberal networks celebrate and wrap a bow around illegal immigration, President Trump is looking to stop it at all costs — even if it means completely shutting down the border.

And with documentaries like this one coming out, the president may have to do that sooner rather than later. This type of promotion only encourages more people to make the journey.

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