Trump Jr.: Mueller testimony shows Russia probe was a ‘hoax set up by the Democrats’

After watching former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony on his report to Congress Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that it proves that the Mueller probe into charges of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia was a “hoax set up by the Democrats.”

Earth to Mueller

Host Tucker Carlson started the segment with a tweet Trump Jr. posted on Thursday. “Serious question,” Trump Jr. wrote: “Has Mueller even heard of Mueller?” — a reference to Mueller’s seeming inability to recall key details of his investigation.

“I’m watching a guy that led an investigation, was the head of the FBI, was a former prosecutor, spent two years and almost $50 million investigating it, and I see a congressman ask, ‘Let’s about talk Fusion GPS,’ ‘I’ve never heard of it,'” Trump Jr. told Carlson. “That would be like a builder talking about not understanding what a foundation is.”

Fusion who?

Mueller’s claim under oath that he was “not familiar” with Fusion GPS, the opposition-led research company that helped fund the Christopher Steele’s infamous dossier which was used as a basis for the probe in beginning, surprised Republicans. Many Republicans say this is evidence that the investigation was nothing more than a partisan driven scheme to oust President Trump from office.

“To not even have a finite understanding of how this all started tells the American public everything they need to know,” Trump Jr. told Carlson. “This was a hoax set up by the democrats from moment number one. This investigation wasn’t about trying to figure out what happened, it was trying to back into the result that they wanted.”

“They couldn’t do that because there was nothing there,” he added. “But they drug people through the mud for two years.”

Mueller? or Mueller’s team…

Trump Jr. also pointed to Mueller’s lack of recall to argue that he wasn’t really leading the investigation.

“Ultimately, I think the American public saw that he was put in there as a figurehead, because he was the former leader of the FBI, he was a decorated marine, and he would do what’s right,” he said. “But no one’s talking about this guy put in 19 leftist Hillary Clinton donor lawyers. They worked on the Clinton campaign. They went to her — what would have been — inauguration party; they were there celebrating it. He had no idea who was running the ship. The inmates were running the asylum and those inmates were the Democratic party who were doing whatever they could to destroy my father’s presidency because they see that he is actually getting things done.”

Watch the whole segment below:

No surprise that it continues

Carlson finished the segment up by asking Trump Jr. if he was surprised that, even after the hearing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that she still believes that President Trump is working for the Russians.

“No, because this is all they have,” said Trump Jr. “They’ve banked their entire reputation on it.”

“Remember: it started off as collusion. Then it was gonna be obstruction. Then it was a coverup. … They just keep doubling down.”

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