Trump Jr. hits back at actor Tom Arnold after series of nasty tweets

Actor Tom Arnold is back in attack mode against the Trumps — and this time, he’s focusing on Donald Trump, Jr.

After President Donald Trump tweeted out it was “too bad” that Rep. Elijah Cummings’ house was robbed, Arnold stated it was “really bad news” that Don Jr.’s and Eric’s homes had not been robbed yet.

Don Jr. was quick to reply, noting the death threats the family regularly receives since Trump has been president.

“No, we just get daily death threats and exploding packages of white powder sent to our homes you piece of garbage,” the president’s son wrote.

Attacking Don Jr.

Why Arnold is suddenly fixated on Don Jr. is a mystery. Over the last couple of days, he has actually had several run-ins with Don Jr. Arnold also posted an old picture of Don Jr. after a safari hunt.

In the picture, Don Jr. had what we would assume was an elephant or other animal’s tail in his hand as a trophy from the hunt.

Arnold then tweeted a sick fantasy about standing over Trump Jr. in much the same fashion, implying he wanted to kill him.

Arnold’s Prior Troubles

One could easily make the argument that Tom Arnold is not exactly a stable person. He even hinted once during an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel that he was unstable.

Due to his violent rhetoric against the Trump family, Arnold has already been paid a visit by the Secret Service.

That was in response to other violent tweets Arnold had made, but those were directly against the president. Arnold managed to get away with it that time, but he may not be so lucky this time around.

Twitter also has a policy against tweeting about any intent to harm someone or encouraging violence to be committed against a person.

So, in addition to possibly having Secret Service agents at his home again, Arnold may find himself without a social media platform very soon.

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